Eplat4m Orchestra – instant response to cybersecurity events
  • Universal playbooks to automate typical security reaction to relevant threats.
  • Tools for collaborative incident analysis and review.
  • Visual remediation script designer tool.
Eplat4m Orchestra features
Discover a single tool for easy but comprehensive cybersecurity management.
Security measures integration and orchestration
Integrate with arbitrary data sources and manage security tools.
Arbitrary cybersecurity process automation
Manage IT-assets and risks, perform audits and other security-related processes, using one platform.
Reporting & Visualization
Implement advanced analytics, reporting and visualization to monitor current security status and streamline decision making process.
Upgrade your SOC with Eplat4m Orchestra
An excellent security, analytics and incident management tool for your team.
Single-window SOC management platform
Specialized low-code platform for cybersecurity system implementation.
Orchestration & integration
Data collection and security measures configuration, incl. RPA methods, threat monitoring and automatic incident response.

Incident management
Cybersecurity processes automation: detection, analysis, registration, response, investigation and remediation.
Automated response
Playbooks for incidents, vulnerabilities and fraud. Visual process design supporting Collaborative Open Playbook Standard (COPS) and Amazon States Language (ASL).
Distributed federative architecture, data and playbook access control, integration with multiple Service Desk instances.
Data virtualization
Data stream integration, semantic enrichment, metadata augmentation with AI/ML methods, knowledge graph building.
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